Bimetallic Barrel

Bimetallic Barrels Features´╝Ü

Extruder screws and barrels are made of high alloy steel (GB 38CrMoAlA / DIN 41CrA1Mo7 / AST M4140). We supply nitride and bimetallic barrel, with options of nitriding and bimetallic treatment, such as hard chroming or sprayed-on hard alloy.

We offers a Tungsten Carbide Coating for making bimetallic screw and barrel. The coating is applied using PTA spraying system that actually bonds the coating to the base material. The thickness of the applied Tungsten Carbide is approximately 0.8 mm- 2mm, depending on application, with hardness of 62 – 70 RC.
Barrel 1 Barrel 5Bimetallic Barrel

Ranges for Bimetallic Barrels

Inner Diameter18mm -300mm
Max Length5,000 mm

Bimetallic Barrel Technical Specifications

Bi-metal material88WC/12Co
Bi-metallic layer
Alloy layer thickness:2.5mm - 3.5mm
Inner surface hardness: HRC58 - HRC70
ApplicationsPlastic material with glass fiber or mineral filer, PPA, PPS, LCP, bakelite, and other engineering plastics.



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