Parallel Twin Screw

We offer counter rotating parallel twin screw and barrel for parallel twin screw extruders.The screw barrel is specifically for extruding pipe, sheet, film, profile, pelletizing granulation and more. Raw material is PVC, PE, PP and so on.Low cost alternatives for your need of replacement screws.

Parallel Twin Screw Benefits:

  • High surface area and low shear screw designs that will optimize the homogeneity of the melt
  • Maximize the productivity of the extruder
  • Nitriding treatment
  • Electroplated hard-chrome finish
  • Spray coating Bimetallic-alloy


  • Packed in wooden crate
  • Manufacturing lead time: one month
  • Material: Nitroloy 38CrMoAlA
  • Optional bimetallic screws: Base material is 38CrMoAlA, welded tungsten carbide on the flight

parallel twin screw









parallel Twin Screw

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