Single Screw Barrel

Single Screw Barrel Feature:

  •  Ideal for heat and shear-sensitive materials.
  •  Wide processing window for a large number of shapes at the highest possible output rates.
  • Large diameter feed zone provides the surface area and residence time for gentle plasticizing and a fully homogenized melt.
  • Optimized L/D based on discharge diameter of the screws

Single Screw Barrel Ranges:

Screw Diameter: 15mm -300mm
Screw Length: L/D ratio 15 – 46

Single Screw Barrel Technical Specifications:

Steel Material DIN 41CrA1Mo7 / AST M4140 / GB 38CrMoAlA
Heat Treatment Nitride depth: 0.7mm – 0.9 mm
Surface hardness: HV900 – HV1,000
Chromate plating: Thickness 0.05 mm – 0.10 mm, hardness HV950
Special treatment: Carbide coating on screw flight and bimetallic barrel
Screw straight tolerance 0.015 mm/m
Surface roughness Ra 0.4μm

single screwScrew & Barrel For Single Screw Extruder

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